Could you walk me through how using the farm will work and what should I do to get ready for rendering on the farm?

Yes. It’s all explained on the “Start” tab. Reading through the FAQ here is great for other non usage questions.


How fast is Newton Render Farm’s farm?

The best measure of speed on any farm right now is Cinebench 15.

Currently the farm has a Cinebench 15 score of over 17,000

Newton Render Farm, like a real farm, will grow with time. Please check back here to see the most up to date speed.


What software is supported?
What software packages, plug-ins, and file formats does the farm accept?

Currently we accept:

1) “.c4d” files from CINEMA 4D R13, R14, R15, R16, R17 Studio. R11, R12 will probably open OK as well. Please make sure to bake everything and make objects editable that use special plugins before sending the file. If a file is to be baked it will need a special note saying exactly what needs to be baked in a .txt file and will cost 1/10 normal render time for baking time.

2) .c4d files that use X-Particles 3.5, Thea for Cinema4D, infinite ocean, cv art smart, ivy grower, edgeshade, easy rain 2.0.

3) “.pack.thea” files for Thea Render Studio.

4) Thea for CINEMA 4D can be rendered from CINEMA 4D.

5) Any of the above files zipped in “.zip” format.

If your software, render engine, or plug-in is not listed, but you will buy render time in a single chunk greater then the cost of the software you would like to use, we will buy and add it for you.

For example. I’m going to buy $60 of render time, but I would like the Zblur for CIENMA 4D plug-in to be used on it which cost $59.

In the above case Render Cost = $60, Plug-in Cost =$59. $60 > $59 so we will buy the plug-in or software.

Please e-mail us at to let us know as soon as possible before you would like to start rendering if there is a plug-in you would like to use that is not listed here.


How much RAM does the farm have?
Currently 16GB per machine. If you know you project will need more RAM please let us know. If the project is big enough we will upgrade.


How can I get in contact with Newton Render Farm for comments, suggestions, or a nice conversation?



Baking file is big?

After baking the project for rendering the file is huge and would take forever to transfer on my connection. What can be done?

We have a baking computer separate from the main farm for baking. Baking time on this computer will be charged at 1/10 time of using the whole farm. This means 10 hours baking on this computer would be charged as 1 hour using the whole farm. This way files can be sent un baked and they can be baked on this end.

If sending a file to be baked, please send detailed instructions in a .txt file labeled “baking instructions” with the info on what needs to be baked. This is also good to do when sending projects that use a alembic file. Alembic files in c4d do not currently keep the right path on the drive when transferred.


How much does it cost? Are discounts available?

The “Cost” tab at the top has full pricing information including discount information.

Price per hour will go up as the farm gets bigger. Time bought never expires. This means if you buy time now and the farm doubles in speed you save double what you would pay if you waited until the farm doubled in speed.


Can I get free render time?

Generally no unless a special sale is going on. There is a 2 hour grace period when rendering a job. This hour will be logged at negative hours to be paid before a new job will run. If, the job goes more then 2 hours past the time bought it will be stopped. Please buy more time within the 2 hour grace period so your job renders uninterrupted. You will receive an e-mail when your render hours get low.

Any time the job goes over will be shown as a negative number in your Hours Left. For more info on Hours Left please see “How much time have I bought?” in the FAQ section.


How can I see how much paid render time I have already bought?

In your “rendered” folder it will give detailed information in a .txt file of hours bought and how much time was used on each project. I do enter the numbers by hand so let me know if something is wrong.

This is the way it will be until we move a system that tracks this automatically.


How are render hours calculated and rounded?

Time used for projects are added up every day and rounded to the nearest hour at the end of the day*. This allows someone to render a bunch of small projects and not have 1 hour deducted from their account for each small project run. For example let’s say 12 projects each taking 5 minutes to render were rendered in a day by a single user. 12 projects x 5 minutes = 60 minutes rendering time. In that situation the 12 projects combined only costs 1 hour of rendering time on the Newton Render Farm for that user. This way of adding up time every day allows people to use Newton Render Farm for small projects as well as large ones. Newton Render Farm can easily be used with a laptop to give that laptop user incredible portable power anywhere with internet access for an affordable price.

Newton Render Farm reserves the right to round each hour up if the time goes 1 sec. over a hour. Most likely we won’t round up for a single second over a hour, but we reserve the right to round up the next hour.

*Render hours are added up after every day for all the projects run on that day around 24:00 Pacific Standard Time (PST) also known as GMT -8.


How do I buy more time on the Newton Render Farm?

Click on the “Buy” tab at the top. The hours should show as being credited within 24hrs., but you don’t have to wait. You can use the hours immediately. The hours are credited to Newton Render account that matches the Paypal email address used to buy the hours.


I need a receipt or tax info. Where can I get this info?

Paypal should give a receipt after payment is made.

For taxes this is a sole proprietorship. Not sure how this would be logged for taxes for companies in other countries.


How many projects are run on the farm at the same time?

One. The full speed of the farm is used on each and every project.


Can I reserve the farm for a specific time?

No. With high priority and low priority hours it’s easy to buy high priority hours if you would like your job run above other jobs.

High Priority Low Priority?

Please tell me more specifics on how High Priority hours and Low Priority hours work.

Jobs with high priority hours will be run first above other low priority render jobs on the farm. For the absolute lowest cost, where time is not as important, low priority hours can be used for huge savings.

Special Note: Let’s say account 1 has both high priority and low priority hours. In this situation account 1 has a job started with low priority hours and a high priority job comes along on a different account 2. Unless specified by email account 1 will not have their job switched to using it’s high priority hours. Instead account 2 will have their job started right away.


How long after the renders finish do I have to backup the final finished images off out of my “rendered” folder?

We will leave the images in the “rendered” folder for least 48hrs. after the last render finishes. Probably longer than that, but do try to backup the renders as soon as possible. When the renders are deleted on our end they should appear in the Recycle Bin in Windows on your end when using the Dropbox program with Windows.


Why are files transferred using the Dropbox service found at Dropbox.com?

The technical limits of the online file transfer make it impossible to have file transfer protocol up to the standards that our customers demand. For this reason we did a lot of research and found Dropbox to be the best solution with the most feature and much faster upload speeds than Cubby. Using Dropbox the finished renders pop up in the folders of your choosing on your computer or computers hard drive as soon as they are done rendering. There is no limit to how big the files can be. If the file is interrupted while being transferred it will continue downloading or uploading right where it left off. Using Dropbox also means you can upload new files or download the finished files from any device Dropbox supports like PC, Mac, iPad, and Android devices. Dropbox also lets a file be transferd from one folder to the other without having to reupload it like Cubby did.


Will anyone else have access to my files or finished renders on Dropbox?

Only if you like.  You will be the only one with access to begin with.  This means the files will only be available and seen by you.  If, you are working on a team and would like others to see the finished renders or be able to upload and have projects rendered using your render time, then you can choose to share any folders you would like though Dropbox.

Beyond the original Dropbox folders made Newton Render will never share files with anyone for any reason.  Security is at it’s maximum level at Newton Render.


Where is Newton Render Farm located?

Newton Render Farm is located in the United States of America.  Nothing is outsourced.  Everything is and will always be done on site in the USA.


Where did the pictures used on the Newton Render Farm website come from?

Most of the pictures we made in 3D ourselves, but some of the photos were taken or made by other people and used on the Newton Render Farm website with the creators permission.

The people who took some of the photos are listed below:

macentree from Flickr – IPad/IPhone photo

MJ/TR from Flickr – Android Figure

osde8info from Flickr – Android Phone