Thank You for you interest in Newton Render Farm


Newton Render Farm is closing down.  I could invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to update all the equipment and software or close down.  With the way rendering is changing it will be real time in a matter of a few years.  The Nvidia RTX cards are already so powerful most people do not need more than a single computer with 4 RTX cards even if using a non real time engine like Cycles, Redshift, or Octane.  If using a real time engine like Eevee or Unreal a single card is fast enough to give photo real graphics in seconds with global illumination.

I’ll gladly give anyone advice on rendering, or how to render fast enough they won’t need a farm anymore though email.  I also know Unreal Engine really well if anyone wants to hire me to help them get a scene set up in Unreal for rendering in real time.

If you have hours previously bought hours I will run them, but new hours cannot be bought.

I’ve gone into looking for a job while making video games on the side and wrote down some ideas I’ve had like how to reverse global warming, how to clean the plastic from the oceans, how to fix crooked cops, how to terreform Venus, etc.  The ideas can be found on

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that used the farm over the years.  Ever penny has helped.


I’m still working on the unified field theory.  Currently learning more about Quantum Physics.

Help me figure out the unified field theory in Physics.